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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Okay here's a post I wanted to do awhile ago--that is, about two quarters ago! Every spring, the university has a research symposium where undergraduates who have been working on any sort of research project (genetic testing, socio-economic trends, etc.) can put up a poster and present their work to prospective company bosses, other scholars, and students. It was bustling when I went, and some of the posters were in the main hall of Mary Gates Hall. These are the pictures. I really like how colorful the people are dressed. They make everything pop, compared to fall right now, when everyone is transitioning to greys and blacks.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Quote poster

I'm alive! Hello, yes, I've been gone quite awhile--ooh, new couch in the corner, I see. Anyways, I have a good excuse though! I was in Europe for awhile just after summer quarter let out. Then as soon as I got back, fall quarter (autumn, if you wanna sound fancy, and my university does) was just about to start. So as I'm getting all caught up in the rain I missed while in Rome (pictures coming soon, I promise), I want to get a few pictures and things up here every once in awhile. This may not be updated once a week as I was doing previously, but there will be new pictures.

And so having said that, there is not going to be a picture today, but instead there will be one of my drawings, haha. I am taking biochem this quarter, and my teacher is about 80, incredibly knowledgeable about chemistry, a little bit lost on biology, and absolutely hilarious. Who else tells his lecture that "We all started out as one cell. And look what marvelous entities we have become. Well, most of us. Some of us are going downhill."? Haha.

So this poster/drawing thing is of one of his quotes. I believe he was talking about protein purification procedures (I really need to study; I have no idea what those are at the moment...). But he was referring to how all the pictures in textbooks are idealized, which is very much not the case in real life labs or nature.

Quote: Rules are sort of decoration. ~ Wim Hol

Have a wonderful day!
(I woke up thinking I had an 8:30 class, and promptly realizing my first class starts at 10:30 today. So I have a long day ahead of me, haha.)

Sunday, August 3, 2014


 At Hurricane Ridge, the deer were coming out to play. This little guy was so cute, with his little antlers starting to bud out. 

Unfortunately, the deer were not afraid of the people/cars, which is quite dangerous.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Camping on the Peninsula

We took my little cousin camping for the first time! The weather was perfect -- not too rainy and comfortable temperatures at night. Wanting to ease her into the camping scene, we chose a campsite with running water and toilets :P

Here are some pictures from around the campsite (yes, it was this beautiful!)

There was a path by our campsite that led down the coast to a beautiful beach view.

A few panoramas were required to try to capture the beach's beauty. Oh, and by the way, that's Canada across the way. We were actually camping on public land that was a fort during WWII (Fort Hayden).

I would love to straighten out the water in the picture, though.

This island stood out in the middle of the strait. I tried to frame it with the grass and trees. I like the look I captured with the sun's glow coming from the right.

And of course I captured pictures of the sunset. Look how clear the skies are! Using the panorama setting on my camera, the right side got a little bit choppy, ruining the lines. But I think it still captures the beauty.

My cousin loved camping so much, she wanted to stay an extra day past the 3 we had planned! I would call that a success.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July!

This is the first year I've got decent photos of fireworks! I adjusted the f-stop and ISO, and just held the camera. I didn't have a tripod, so I did my best. And it sort of worked!

 Hope you had a fun and safe 4th! And to everyone else, hope you had a wonderful weekend.

My hand shook on this one above, but it makes it look a bit like a peony or a chrysanthemum, doesn't it? Coincidentally, the latter is my favorite flower :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

University Street Fair

The University street fair came around about a month ago, and this is my favorite picture from it. Outside of the gargoyle shop (I know, right?), this artist was carving a gargoyle out of clay. I like how you can see his concentration here as he works on the wing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Have some lavender to brighten your day! I love the smell of it, and huge bunches of it live on the side of the road near my classes. I took this picture on my way home after my last lab of the quarter (whoo hoo!)