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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter and Sun!

Yesterday was beautiful for Easter. Blue skies and warm(ish) weather. I've been swamped with studying for exams, but even I(!) took a few hours off to see a movie with a friend on Saturday and have Easter brunch with my family on Sunday.

Unfortunately it looks like we're right back to grey skies right now. Boo.

But in taking full advantage of our short burst of nice weather, I went on a walk with The Boyfriend around the neighborhood. I promised I wouldn't take a lot of pictures, so here is just one picture. I love it when the flowers start blooming. The sun lit up these petals with a nice orange glow.


  1. Beautiful shot. Let there be light works for me. MB

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    1. very, very pretty Kirsten with the light shining through the petals, Carole at

  3. ...but what a beauty to share!!!
    Wishing we had some rainy days here. I'll take what you don't want.