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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sorry it's been awhile!

Hi all, sorry it has been so long since an update! In all honesty, I've been really busy and haven't had time to take anything off my camera. But I have been taking pictures! I swear! Also, The Boyfriend is currently possessing my camera to study for midterms (we share a textbook). But soon there will be more pictures!

Also, the previous post was honestly from about two or three weeks ago... I just never published it :/

Okay have a great Sunday, I've got studying to do!

Photos from the week

A few miscellaneous things I wanted to share:




And some pretty cherry blossoms :)

Anyways, that is all. Have a good day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The weather where I live. But I still love it.

This is the type of weather I live with. It is seriously worth documenting. You'll see why:

This was around noon. Cold, some puffy clouds, but still some blue.

This was at 5pm. The library closed, and I had to walk through this. It was pelting rain, plus some hail, and there was lightning and thunder.

15 minutes later....a complete hail storm.

And then finish off with some more rain.

Later that day, lightning struck the nearby electrical plant, and the entire University lost power for a few hours. I was waiting in line for dinner, and couldn't get food because everything was run on electricity. So what do I do? Call my parents and we picked up my brother for a family dinner! :)

Trip to the Greenhouse with The Boyfriend!

On a particularly bad day, The Boyfriend cheered me up by accompanying me to our school's greenhouse. I had been there many years ago--in middle school(!)--but he had never been before. It was a very fun experience, and we saw many beautiful and cool looking plants. Here is a tiny sample of them. Enjoy!

This cactus (I think) was outside the greenhouse. I like the contrast of the milky gray and the dark tips of the edges. I tried to avoid as much of the green grass in the background, but this is as best as I could get. The other picture was a little too zoomed in for my taste.

Fuzzy cactus! I have a special place in my heart for cacti. Maybe it's the thought that they are so poky yet so cute! Their little armor brings to mind the image of a little kid trying to brandish a weapon to protect himself. So little, and yet so hopeful.

But my goodness, these lily pads are freaky. They have SPIKES on the bottom! It's like those people you meet who you think are nice and innocent, and then they turn out to be all claws and biting. For some reason I only remember these lily pads from the previous time I visited those 8 years ago. It's probably because of the scary spikes...

I'm sure I've seen these fragile little flowers before on cacti. But what is interesting about this picture is the line of spikes hiding on the right. Such an unexpected image...

Isn't it interesting how some cacti have flowers that bloom in a ring around the top? I like this contrast between pink and white.

It looks like a pokemon!

This little guy was growing off the side of another cactus. I'm not sure why the cactus looks different though...

This was in the rain forest section of the greenhouse. What an interesting flower...

The rest of the pictures were form the tropical section.

I like the soft washed out color of this flower coupled with the water droplets. But the background washes it out a little, I think.

The flower of a lily pad. It looks a little creepy...But a beautiful color.

This reminds me of a caterpillar. They are tiny little flowers all bunched together. The Boyfriend thought they were cool looking.

The colors remind me of a more delicate poinsettia  But I find the shape of the right flowers intriguing. They look like origami balloons.

This pink little ball was really unexpected.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My first classical fencing competition! In Arcata, CA

Hi! So part of the reason why I hadn't uploaded any posts in awhile was because I was just plain busy. This is an example why. I was at my very first classical fencing competition! The historical fencing club at my University drove all the way to Arcata, California. It was a crazy drive that involved a flat tire, no sleep, recalled vans, stormy weather on the coast, the Redwood Forest, and early wake-up times. But nonetheless, it was an interesting experience.
Now, because I was fencing (for 5 hours!), I don't have a lot of pictures, and there are none of me or those I came with :( But here are the few that I have:

That guy in black who looks very high-class English, is my instructor. He is actually amazing, and this picture really shows his personality, haha.

This is Maestro Costa-Martinez. She is amazing, and scary. In a good way! This is one of the historical fencing bouts (there were 4 sections, foil, sabre, epee, and historical). In historical, you start with weapons crossed, and the Director (Maestro) holds a weapon underneath the cross. When he/she steps away, you may begin fencing.

An a messy photo of the stormy coast. It was raining like crazy.

Cherry Trees!

Hi, I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted anything. I'm sorry! But the point is, you should notice that I'm still taking pictures and now I've got this post for y'all! :)

The cherry trees blossomed on campus--during spring break when I was back home! Bad timing! Oh well. I did swing by with The Boyfriend during break and took some pictures, and when we returned to school, there was still another week and a half that I was able to enjoy them. So be prepared to experience massive amounts of pretty pale pink and sunny skies!

This picture is taken from about the same vantage point as this (first) picture, taken on a foggy morning. Hmm, I should make a series of pictures from throughout the year.....

Can you see how the trees wrap around the entire area? It's a vision in pink! The Japanese Cherry Trees are actually from Japan, and were planted as a gift from a graduating class. They are planted in the shape of a 'W' for our college. You can't really see it here though.

There were so many people out in the sun during break, and in the evenings. I thought this picture captured the relaxed-feeling that the trees gave me.

I always thought that cherry trees were a rich pink, but I've been finding that these trees and other around campus were actually more white or pale-pink looking. Either way, I wish they lasted longer, but I've got these pictures to keep them around for awhile :)