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Monday, April 15, 2013

My first classical fencing competition! In Arcata, CA

Hi! So part of the reason why I hadn't uploaded any posts in awhile was because I was just plain busy. This is an example why. I was at my very first classical fencing competition! The historical fencing club at my University drove all the way to Arcata, California. It was a crazy drive that involved a flat tire, no sleep, recalled vans, stormy weather on the coast, the Redwood Forest, and early wake-up times. But nonetheless, it was an interesting experience.
Now, because I was fencing (for 5 hours!), I don't have a lot of pictures, and there are none of me or those I came with :( But here are the few that I have:

That guy in black who looks very high-class English, is my instructor. He is actually amazing, and this picture really shows his personality, haha.

This is Maestro Costa-Martinez. She is amazing, and scary. In a good way! This is one of the historical fencing bouts (there were 4 sections, foil, sabre, epee, and historical). In historical, you start with weapons crossed, and the Director (Maestro) holds a weapon underneath the cross. When he/she steps away, you may begin fencing.

An a messy photo of the stormy coast. It was raining like crazy.

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