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The Creative Every Day challenge, is a year-long challenge to do something creative every day, week, month, etc. I'm linked up to it, if you just click the button on the right!

Project 52 Sweet Shot Tuesday is a photography link up for all photographers to share their photos. The goal is to share a photo a week. The button on the right will take you to the site!

Our World Tuesday is a linkup that encourages people to post their photos from around the world. It is a wonderful place to travel to new cities and countries through your computer. The link up is family friendly, and allows a peek into other peoples' world.

Communal Global is a site that posts pictures from women all over the world. In a way, it is a way for us to travel through other peoples' cameras into the different sights, cultures, and lifestyles all over the world. I would highly recommend you click on the link on the right (or above) and visit their site!

Wordless Wednesday is another link party! Check out Alicia's vintage and rustic pictures; they are very nice, and are taken with equipment that isn't ridiculously expensive (always awesome).