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About Me

My name is Kirsten, and I am a college student pursuing the opposite spectrum of art and photography. However, as an outlet for my left brain, I like to take photos and view everyday events through the lens of a camera. All photos on this blog were taken by me (unless noted) and have not been altered on a computer with any photo editing program (after all, then I can do all the work with the camera, and spend my time on the computer doing homework).

I have been interested in photography since elementary school, when I passed a framed print by Ansel Adams every time I left my room. Over the past four or five years, I have begun to become more active in photography, actually carrying my camera around with  me when I go places (ha ha). Here, I just post these for myself (and anyone who wants to see them). My eventual purpose is to have a comprehensive collection of my pictures and possibly see how my photography changes over time.


Also, all pictures are copyrighted by me. Please do not copy or use without my permission or crediting me.