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Monday, January 20, 2014

Autumn 2013

We're going to step back a few months to the colors of autumn. If nature is going to give us such beautiful colors, we must take advantage of them, right? Even if it's a few months late...

These pictures were taken on a walk with The Boyfriend a crisp afternoon. And by crisp, I mean really really cold and overcast. That's my city's definition, at least. :)

There was this row of trees across the lake we were walking around, and I really liked the differing colors. They weren't uniform at all, which lent it to such an interesting painting. Since it was so far away, I tried to keep some foreground in the picture.

Apparently mycology is very popular here in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, I know nothing about mushrooms except what I find in Fred Meyers, but this was an interesting mushroom we found in the grass. It looks like a mini table.  I liked the texture of the broken parts.

So here is that row of trees from the first picture. They are even more pretty close up.


More mushrooms! I like these ones even more than the first. You can almost imagine what the inverted mushroom cap feels like; the sift tickle of the gills against your fingertip...

And an obligatory "leaves of fall" picture.

Hope you enjoyed autumn!


  1. Wonderful photos. I had a look at your bit about me and It looks very much as though you do the same as me sept I'm a lot older. I'll be adding you to my blog list

    1. Thanks for visiting! I'll be sure to stop by yours; it's lovely to meet others who have the same perspective about photography :)

  2. Your colors there are brilliant. I do love fall - I especially like seeing the colors when I'm not surrounded by winter white.

    1. Thanks Barb! Where I live, it just turns grey in the wintertime, so I love revisiting my more colorful pictures!

  3. Love the beautiful tree, they are so colorful! Have a happy day!

  4. Wonderfull colors, greeting from Belgium