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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Full Moon

Have you looked at the moon lately? This past week, it became a full moon, and walking back to my dorm on a warm night, I was able to fully enjoy its beauty. 

When I returned (safely) home, I was compelled to capture its brightness and the crisp circle of the moon as it diffused into a halo of light. I have never been able to photograph such a bright, clear picture of the moon before. This one was taken from the 7th floor, out an open window.

I like how you can see the bright ring drawing the moon's edge, contrasted with the darker center, and the light disseminating from it.

Goodnight, Moon.


  1. Beautiful moon and a beautiful capture!! Thanks for sharing, Kirsten!! Have a great week!!

  2. I'm always trying to capture this ball of cheese! Good shot!

  3. Fantastic shot. Maybe some day I will have a camera that will give me satisfactory shots like this one!

  4. I keep trying but never manage to catch a decent photo conveying the magic of the moon.