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Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer at Gasworks park

Today was my first day of summer classes. I'm commuting to school with my mother, who is re-schooling right now (it's super fun). It got quite sunny today, but now as I'm posting this the clouds have covered up. So today's post is a bit of a dichotomy in two ways: a) it's about the end of last quarter as I start the beginning of summer quarter b) It's about the stretch of sun we received, while the current weather is overcast. Onwards!

Right around dead week, we had a long stretch of beautiful sunny days (figures, right?). The Boyfriend and I walked to Gasworks park about a mile away, and I took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few:

This picture reminds me of a postcard or something. I really like the bright and varying colors of the house boats. The sailboat also adds a nice break to the craziness of the houses. 

There were fields of buttercups along the side of the paths. I tried to capture the silky reflection of the petals. I have memories of picking little handfuls of these along the hill near my elementary school with my brother.

A group of med-school graduates were taking their graduation pictures here too. They all wore a pink stethoscope in their pictures.

This little girl was climbing up the tall hill in the center of the park. The grass was so tall it looked like she was wading through corn fields or something. Look at her trek up it!

We need more sunny days like this!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


This is incredibly late, but The Boyfriend bought me flowers! About a month ago. Heh. 

These pink peonies were beautiful and smelled wonderful. They made my little dorm room a nice little slice of heaven. Or at least smell like a field of flowers. Anyways, they were much needed during my finals, so I greatly appreciated them. And of course, took pictures of them too!

This is where they lived on my windowsill! They were a wonderful burst of color, as you can see.

I loved how the petals had choppy, uneven edges.

It's like a cacophony of  petals!

It had been forever since I received flowers, and I loved how he surprised me with them :)