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Friday, October 3, 2014

Quote poster

I'm alive! Hello, yes, I've been gone quite awhile--ooh, new couch in the corner, I see. Anyways, I have a good excuse though! I was in Europe for awhile just after summer quarter let out. Then as soon as I got back, fall quarter (autumn, if you wanna sound fancy, and my university does) was just about to start. So as I'm getting all caught up in the rain I missed while in Rome (pictures coming soon, I promise), I want to get a few pictures and things up here every once in awhile. This may not be updated once a week as I was doing previously, but there will be new pictures.

And so having said that, there is not going to be a picture today, but instead there will be one of my drawings, haha. I am taking biochem this quarter, and my teacher is about 80, incredibly knowledgeable about chemistry, a little bit lost on biology, and absolutely hilarious. Who else tells his lecture that "We all started out as one cell. And look what marvelous entities we have become. Well, most of us. Some of us are going downhill."? Haha.

So this poster/drawing thing is of one of his quotes. I believe he was talking about protein purification procedures (I really need to study; I have no idea what those are at the moment...). But he was referring to how all the pictures in textbooks are idealized, which is very much not the case in real life labs or nature.

Quote: Rules are sort of decoration. ~ Wim Hol

Have a wonderful day!
(I woke up thinking I had an 8:30 class, and promptly realizing my first class starts at 10:30 today. So I have a long day ahead of me, haha.)

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