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Friday, May 24, 2013

A few pictures revisited...

So I have finally had some down time in my school work, and I turned to flipping through a few folders of my pictures. And then I got the urge to do some black and white photos, but didn't want to go out into the rainy weather (yes, I know it was sunny just last weekend....), so I did what I don't normally do, and altered a few of my pictures on picmonkey (yay free websites!). And here are the results! I'd like to know what you think of them...better? worse?

I paired each one with its original:


The main change here was simple turning the picture black and white. I think it worked well because of the fine detail, but the background got a bit messy. I cropped it to try to remedy that, but am still not entirely happy with the outcome. I'm glad that only the center is in focus though, which helps take the eye away from the back.


Altered (1):
I majorly boosted the color on this one. I really like how it brought out the green, but still kept the mystic fog. 

Altered (2):
I simply turned the one above black and white, and the boosted color helped make sharper contrasts and detail. I can't tell if I like this one better than the latter, but I definitely like these best out of my alterations in this round.


I boosted the color here as well, which made the purples much deeper and more of a royal purple versus a lilac purple. Then I zoomed in and cropped. I've never zoomed in on a picture before and then cropped it! It give it a more computer-monitor-y feel to it, because I think the colors are too fake and the zoom makes everything a bit blurry. But I think too much detail might have actually made it too busy?

So what do you all think? Which is your favorite? Least favorite?
I actually find these alterations quite calming and fun! haha


  1. Hi Kirsten,

    I love what you did with picmonkey, my favorite is the colorbooster of the trees in the middle picture, wow! Thank you so much for sharing the tips and the photos at our party.
    Have a fun long weekend,

  2. I like the originals best :) I never alter pictures so maybe that's why.

    1. I'm glad someone else doesn't alter pictures either! I haven't really "edited" picture before except these few times(and when I did, I never quite knew what I was doing...), because I mainly think that all the magic should be in the camera :)