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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Farmer's market

Hello, summer has been so busy, and I've been taking summer classes so I haven't had as much time as I would like to take and post pictures.Gray cement buildings can only be so photogenic :P

But, I finally got out into the sun today on a trip to my neighborhood's farmer's market. I love the variety of produce and array of colors! Here are some pictures of the colors:

I love the colors of kale. You think they are just a bland green when you hear the name. But it turns out to be bleached turquoise with the edges and veins a sneaky shade of purple. The cool frosty color reminds me of winter. I am in love with the look of kale.

Red chili peppers!

Have you ever seen colored carrots? I think they look cute! All the pastel colors running into each other....


  1. I love your farmer's market post, my Twin is sure to love it too, she did one on NYC farmer's market. She also loves flea market and will have a post on NYC hell's kitchen market in a couple of days if you are interested. Thank you for partying with us :).

  2. Nice and crispy- in the mouth and as in colours. Love it :)