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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photos from around campus: post 1

My first few weeks on campus were bright and sunny. Weird. It's supposed to be overcast here during fall. And Winter. And Spring. And most of summer. Oh well, I got these nice photos from it though! These were taken during my I-have-a-new-phone phase that happened when I switched for the first time from a phone that only makes calls to a phone that does everything--and has a camera. However, as I mentioned before, I ended up not being a big fan of camera phone pictures, because the quality does not always turn out well. However, you can view these and judge for yourself. I think the sunlight helped the first few turn out relatively nice.

DRUMHELLER FOUNTAIN: I sent the second picture to my mom (the joys of camera phones) to brag about the nice weather while she was suffering rainy weather in California.

Sieg Hall. My boyfriend hates this building; he thinks it is the ugliest building on campus. I tried to change his mind with this picture. But he's too stubborn.

The Harry Potter Room in Suzzallo is wonderful. You can practically hear the movie soundtrack starting up. It is also partly what makes the library rated one of the most beautiful college libraries. I think I got a bit too artsy with this photo as it feels like you are on a ship or something, or maybe it was all the finals studying. Also, I think this photo particularly shows the pixelation related with camera phones.