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Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Light" Challenge

This week's challenge was light. I really like light, and especially how it has the property to draw the human eye so easily. It is a great effect in photography I like to work with and manipulate. I only had two subjects for this so far, but here they are:

This was a lamp from Bubble Oasis close up. Technically, I cropped it on the computer a bit to make it more interesting, but I didn't change the color or contrast or anything. I like the way it turned out. It reminds me a big of Chihuly's bright marbled colors.

The rest of these below, are of the paper I put over my lamp to try to diffuse the light. Printer paper was too thick to let light through, so I cut a snowflake design. It sort of works...sorta. I think I just need thinner paper like tissue paper or rice paper. Anyways, this first picture was a bit like a landscape/curvature of the Earth idea. 

And the last three just wouldn't upload onto this blog facing the right way for some reason. I ended up liking the way they looked tilted, so I just left them like that. The way it was supposed to look is the last picture.


  1. I really really love the pictures that you've taken from the cover of your lamp. They are truly beautiful.

  2. Thank you! Do you have a picture of the four, that you prefer?

  3. they all look beautiful but I prefer the last one