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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Past Few Days

Biodegradable spoons were not made for warm fried chicken.
I wish I had noticed that the tip of the prongs were not in focus....

I wanted to take a picture of this girl in black with the bright umbrella, but couldn't get to my camera in time. So this is a slightly stalker-picture from across the square... I like how she is centered (hopefully bringing the attention?) and the umbrella is the only bright color. But still would have liked it closer....

Puddle reflection? If you don't focus your eyes on anything, it looks fine. Otherwise, it makes your eyes hurt since it's blurry.

Don't ask me what this is/was, but it made for an interesting picture!

Light and reflection :) I like the color and symmetry due to the reflection. Even the color reflected a little in the water.

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