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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lion Cubs at the Zoo!

The past few days I've been busy running errands, but they included swinging by some fun places! On Thursday, I went to the zoo to get my zoo membership (my family loves the zoo. Last summer, when we originally bought the passes--yes, it took this long to actually get around to pick up my official membership card--we went 5 times in about 2 weeks...). Here are some resulting pictures!

The lion cubs just got named by the public, but I don't remember their names yet. There are three male cubs, and one female.

I really liked the differing emotions on the faces of these lion cubs. I'm amazed by how they so closely resemble little children. The tired one resting its head on the cinderblock, and the cub on the right with its nervous and almost sad expression. The eyes on the right one are so expressive!

This one was sleeping. I love the little eyes squeezed shut!

And the mother eventually came over and looked over her cubs. I like how strong and yet worn out she looks. I never realized how similar these animals are to us.

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