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Friday, March 8, 2013

Some things I am loving today

I know I'm constantly saying how much I love birds. Well, today this duck was sitting on the side of Drumheller fountain, and as I was going to take a picture, it stood up and started doing funny things like preening itself and fluffing its wings while standing on one leg...So I took a picture, and I think this one above captures the humor I find in them :)

The sun came out today! I love it when this happens, and flowers have been blooming around here, adding to the beauty of everything. I don't know what these flowers are called, but I've seen them around campus (this one ironically wasn't taken on campus, but nearby) in various colors varying from green to pink to deep purple. They are quite interesting!

On a slightly different note, I was introduced to this link-party at pret-a-vivre (which means ready to live, in French; and if you don't know a tiny bit of French, I encourage you to learn! I love French; it's a beautiful language with a beautiful culture and yummy food :) ), called "Ready to waltz!" Check it out! I think we all need a little positive in our lives (Like I mentioned in this post here).


  1. Dear Kristen,

    Thank you so much for joining our party, I love your positive esprit. Hope to see you next week :)

  2. That flower is a Hellebore...they are one of my favorites! Your photography is just beautiful! I found you via the creative every day site and I'm happy I did!

    1. Thanks for telling me the name! This is the first time I've ever seen them, but they're popping up all around where I live right now. And thank you for the compliment :)