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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pictures from today: simplicity and life

Today's pictures exhibit the simplicity of life. There are little things that help us live happily.

(I'm kind of on a happiness kick because we're studying happiness and emotions in psychology. If you haven't watched it yet, you must watch the documentary, Happy. It is a powerful documentary that explores happiness, what makes people happy, and where it exists all over the world. It won many awards, and is totally worth watching. It may change your life! It did mine.)

I really liked the visual balance of the picture.

Also, the word DANCE is quite powerful. It reminds us to let go, and have fun. To live.

And this lady is living life. I don't see a lot of older people on campus (you see a lot of young children, though), but I like it when I do. There's something about knowing that this campus can attract such a diverse set of people.

Hope everyone is enjoying life! If not, put down your electronic device, go outside, and take a walk. See what you have been missing, but know that it's not too late to catch up on it! :)

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