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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Photos from Today 2.8.13

I took some more photos aside from the basketball game yesterday, but was too tired to upload them last night. So here they are!

I passed these ladies in Red Square on my way to Suzzallo. The one on the left held a sign that reads "Free Therapy: Pet a Dog". As I watched, a few students came by and shelled out a few pats. Then one guy with his lunch in one hand came strolling by, bent down, and gave the dog a big hug. I wish I could have gotten that, but there were other students in the way. As people started to disperse, the women went back to holding up her sign, and this one girl (back to us) remained.

The Boyfriend and I went on a photowalk at night, and we fooled around with the camera, so these shots are a little more light-hearted. He was pointing out the architectural grooves in the buildings, and I thought this one looked a bit like a track, or a moat.

This is one of our more playful pictures. We took a picture from The Daily, with a gymnast on it, and integrated her into our pictures. This one turned out better than the others (I'm awful at night photography, especially without a tripod). I focused the camera on the newspaper and used flash to light it up. The "One Way" sign in the background caught the rest of the flash.

I used a setting with less light to get a darker look, and enhancing the circles of light. It reminds me of a UFO or something.

Things to work on:
  • Night shooting. Stabilizing, and making the pictures less grainy.

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