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Friday, February 8, 2013

basketball game! 2.8.13

Today the Boyfriend and I saw a basketball game at our college. It had been an indefinitely long amount of time since I had seen one of the Husky games. I know this because when I came in a sat down, I distinctly remember everything being much bigger :)

I'm not very good at action shots, so I don't really have any shots of moving players. They always end up blurry, and every time I change the f-stop so it'll be quicker, the aperture isn't bright enough. I probably just need a tripod. Anyways, I did manage to take shots during the few moments when players and cheerleaders were still (I got progressively better at predicting when they would pause), so here they are!

I wish I had gotten the ball in this shot, but I was still zoomed in from the picture above.

We were playing UCLA. They won, but only by about 2-3 points. We were constantly fighting for the lead.

And since I got the UCLA team, I had to get ours too, of course.

What I learned from shooting the game:
  • There are a lot of pauses, but you have to be sure to take many pictures because someone will move, and mess up the shot (making it blurry). 
  • I need to get better at taking motion shots.
  • Take some time to enjoy the game (I took a lot of pictures in the first quarter, and then sat back and enjoyed the rest of the game, taking a few more pictures here and there).
  • We actually have a good women's basketball team. Apparently they are one (now two, I guess) win behind the champions. And the games are free admission for students! A.K.A. no excuse to not go!

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