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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello, Happy Valentine's Day!
Here are some photos from today:

These two are not so much photography shots, but more that I just liked these signs. Someone put out these signs bordering the pathway in the Quad for Valentine's Day. They were all handmade by different people (telling by the handwriting), and encased in plastic ziploc bags because it was raining in the morning. But I like the quotes! Both I have heard before, but were fitting for today. And everyday, really.

Another sign :)

I found this bouquet of flowers and handmade card by a bench (see picture below). At first I was really confused, and thought someone had died here or something, but then I read the card: "I love you Grandme(sic) and Happy Birthday". It was clearly written by a young child. 

Then I realized that the plaque on the bench read a woman's name, followed by "loving grandmother...", etc. etc. It was a very astounding realization when I connected the flowers and card to the bench in memory of the same woman. How very thoughtful to leave flowers there! This really brightened my day, and I thought this picture really showed the emotional connection between the flowers and the bench.

Raindrops on a rose. A new beginning, or tears?

Not a very good picture :( I was trying to show the contrasting tissue-paper flowers above with the rainy students below. 

This is actually a piece of gum stuck into the non-slip lines on a step. I thought it looked like a heart. Too bad the picture is blurry though. It was hard to focus.

Close-up of one of the more colorful tissue paper flowers hanging in the Quad. I'm very happy that I managed to use the flower to block out the building in the background. This way the background doesn't take away from the flower.

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day! I know I did :)
(Thank you Boyfriend)

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