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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

photowalk on the way to class

Hello, midterms are over! I took some pictures this past week, but didn't end up liking them that much, so we'll just skip to these ones I took on my way to Chem lab... Enjoy :)

I always end up doing macro photography (photography close-ups), for some reason. This one wasn't quite as close as some others, but I was getting the lens right up in this flower's grill (yes, I just said that).

I've actually come to realize that my shots aren't really that "close" to the object. I think I might want to work on that for macro shots, or otherwise find different original approaches.

Who wouldn't like this picture?
I also like the rain dripping off.

I really like this picture. It actually surprise me when I took it. I was originally looking at the line of lights on the left, and then noticed the building behind it all lit up, and progressively, the water reflection. After I took the picture, I had this sudden realization that, Hey, it looks kind of cool!

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