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Friday, February 1, 2013

Architecture #1

Recently, I have been taking multiple pictures of the architecture around here. Here is a collection of some of the pictures I have taken recently:
Let's start off with this picture. I have always walked through here, and like the linear lines and repetition. I dislike that this picture is a bit crooked. I suppose I could have fixed that on the computer... Also, I think the color is a bit dark/drab. I think if there was sun, it would look much more lively and interesting.

There is some great architecture around here! I like the contrast of color and material, coupled with the design.

Okay, you caught me, this isn't wonderful architecture or anything (I hate walking up these steps; I feel like my foot is going to slip through the cracks between them). However, it's an interesting vantage point? Of course, not too creative though. Also, wish it was brighter.

I liked the image in real life, but there were trees on the bottom (you can still see some of their spindly tops) I tried to cut out. Unfortunately, I think this picture looks a bit weird now, because I cut out the bottom when I took the photo. Oh well, I guess sometimes it works when you cut out stuff, and sometimes it doesn't.

I like this picture though. I like the "framing" aspect. It creates a window for you to look through and experience a different world. This picture was taken through a window, also.

Walking past here, I liked the lit up part of the obelisk. The night sky turned out pretty well too, I think. I cropped it to focus the eye more (hopefully) because there's a lot of other light in the background. However, I do remember trying to line up the obelisk with the brick towers behind it to create a linear effect. Did it work? =P

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