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Friday, February 8, 2013

Simplicity today

I'll be uploading more pictures from today. But for now, I want to share these photos which I think share the same theme of simplicity. Sometimes the little things are what help us relax and be happy. Right now, I have this quote on my bulletin board: "Let be, let go, let see, let flow." Simplicity.

Have you ever wondered what grass looks like to all the other blades? What it is like to be so small and short, and overlooked. I think that grass is unappreciated. We take the each green (is it really green? I see different shades of green and yellow) blade as a daily occurrence. But picture the world without green grass. What would we use to fill in the empty lawns? Our parks?

This crow is almost a silhouette against the blue sky. I liked that there was only blue behind him (I always assume crows are male for some reason), transitioning into the clouds on the right. Also, the light box thing he is perched on is also blue (including the light!) which helped blend in to the sky and contrast the crow and clouds.

"Il faut vivre dans le present car le present est la seul certitude" ~Albert Camus (L'Etranger)

(one must live in the present because the present is the only certainty)

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